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CPG offers unrivaled capabilities to meet our clients diverse needs and specifications.



That’s the CPG Difference


Our lab technicians can make samples to bring your packaging concept to reality.

Quality Control

We have implemented strict quality control procedures across every step of the manufacturing process to ensure that our products always adhere to the highest industry standards.

Powered by H.A.A.C.P. manufacturing processes, we set the bar with stringent quality audits and testing.

Our comprehensive checks in our fully-equipped laboratory include tensile and seal strength, leak detection, bond strength, puncture testing, UPC verification, and more.

Our advanced X-rite system of color management allows operators to ensure optimal and well-calibrated results.

#1 in Inno-lok®

As one of the largest manufacturers and converters of Inno-lok products in the USA, we possess the finest machinery and expertise, delivering top-notch solutions across the board.

With seven inno-lok machines in our flagship New Jersey plant, we are able to effectively convert pre-zippered film into your product of choice:

BlueSKY Sustainable

With CPG, you no longer have to choose between quality and the environment. Our growing line of sustainable packaging is available in multiple applications, and is the preferred choice of brands who are proud of their eco-conscious contributions to our eco-systems.

Quality & Speed Matters

Engineered with

A look at what CPG offers


With continuously-upgraded software and equipment, our pre-press department helps transform your art into eye-catching realities.


To serve you better, we turn around your proofs in 36 hours and offer hi-def printing in 150-175 line-screen, using Kodak NX and Rave Lux Plates.


CPG invests in the latest flexo technology. Our wide web 10 color presses can print the most demanding & detailed designs.


With CPG, choose the film option that’s right for you, from simple laminated options to multi-layer barrier structures, with both solvent-based and solvent less lamination processes. 


If it can be done, we do it and we do it better.


We pride ourselves on the precision, speed and overall performance of our slitting process.

With state-of-the-art machinery, our slitting capabilities ensure you receive materials ready for the next phase of production.

Our slitters are equipped with the Preco Laser Systems

Stand Up Pouch

We manufacture a wide range of pouching solutions, produced from barrier and non-barrier film and offering a variety of closures. 

Pouches Types



Whatever your application, our packaging engineers are able to deliver with excellence.

Our film can meet all your specifications, including high-barrier, puncture resistant, self-venting microwaveable, frozen food applications, and more.

Inno-Lok Opening Styles

quad seal

Quad Seal Pinch bottom bags feature full height gussets that increase filling volume and provide a larger billboard for your brand.


A close cousin to a box package, quad seal pouches have four printable sides and can easily stand up when filled with product. The difference is that quad seal pouches are more cost effective than box pouches.


BOX POUCHES® are a unique type of premade pouch with five panels of printable area for on-shelf brand building.


The way a BOX POUCH® displays a product projects an image of high quality. And the unique design of the BOX POUCH® provides superior stability, seal strength, and hermeticity compared to other types of flat-bottom pouches.

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